Who needs Life skills

Our adult courses are designed to continue where puppy classes end off and build on all the things they have already learnt.

Life Skills is a starter course which allows dogs that missed out on puppy classes, or joined their families as adults to learn the foundation skills needed to join other adult classes.

Experience has also taught us that dogs that haven’t attended previous classes need some time to adapt to the environment and get comfortable with working close to other dogs.

The Life Skills programme is designed to help you and your dog build confidence and make your first training steps in a relaxed and pressure-free setting.

What will we learn

Our Life Skills programme has a ‘start from scratch’ approach and will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and basic skills to jump start your relationship with your dog and help them to become a well-adjusted member of your family.

You will start out with an introduction to force-free training methods using a clicker, by learning exercises that will teach your dog to focus on you and respond to hand signals and verbal cues.

As the course progresses you will learn stays, loose-lead walking and many other necessary good manners exercises along with some fun tricks, all taught in a relaxed atmosphere that will help you to build a rewarding relationship with your dog.

When Can I Start

The programme is made up of an introductory talk, followed by 7 weekly training sessions of approximately 1 hour.

Attendance of every lesson really is vital for you to get the most out of the course and there is a strong emphasis on practice and repetition of what you have learnt at home.

For these reasons we urge all prospective clients to ensure that they are ready to make this commitment and have prepared other family members to follow through, before signing up.

We currently run the course with a single intake, usually once every 10-12 weeks, or when sufficient bookings have been received.

Classes are kept small and tend to fill up quickly so please confirm your booking early to avoid disappointment.

Course Info

Suitable Ages
Older than 6 months
Entrance Requirements
8 Weeks
Lesson Times
Typically run on Thursday evenings at 18h30, but subject to seasonal, or demand-based changes
Lesson Length
1 Hour
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