Who can join Dog Manners

Our Dog Manners programme is for dogs and handlers who have completed Puppy Classes or Life Skills and are looking for their next challenge.

The course does have a minimum proficiency level and we will inform clients completing the pre-requisite programmes if they are ready to advance.

What will we learn

As you and your dog advance through Dog Manners 1 and 2 you will improve on what you already know, with more advanced heelwork, more challenging tricks and longer stays.

A lot of emphasis is placed on building focus and self-control with increasing distractions and some of the lessons will involve leaving the training center and working out in the real world.

If the training bug has fully bitten you and you advance to our Dog Manners 3 group anything goes and you may find yourself going on exciting outings around town, or working on advanced skills like scent work.

When can I Start

The programme is broken into 3 levels lasting 8 weeks each and run according to our training terms, which are approximately aligned with school terms (as we have learnt that attendance sometimes drops off in school holidays).

We are very careful not to promote anyone into the class that we feel is not ready as this can be demoralising and frustrating for both the dog and their handler.

When you complete our Puppy Training, or Life Skills programme we will informally assess your progress and advise if we feel that you are ready to progress to Dog Manners 1.

Please do not become despondent if you do not reach this level on your first try.

Not all dogs learn and mature at the same pace and sometimes the delay may simply be to give your dog a few more month’s to ‘grow-up’, or build confidence before moving into the senior class.



Course Info

Suitable Ages
6 Months Plus
Entrance Requirements
Completed Puppy Class level 3, or Life Skills
8 Weeks per module
Lesson Times
Saturday Mornings between 09h00 and 11h15
Lesson Length
1 Hour
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We're Branching Out

Live further north?

Our rock star puppy trainer, Kim, is now running Saturday afternoon puppy classes at the De Kuilen Primary School in Kerk Street, Kuils River (Sports Field Entrance).

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