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Surviving Guy Fawkes

Strategies for helping your dog cope with Fireworks


A shade over 400 years ago a bloke called Fawkes was caught trying to blow up the House of Lords in England and got into a fair bit of trouble. It’s kind of a fun story I’ll admit, but I really can’t quite understand how we got from there; into a global tradition of ignoring…

Car Safety for Dogs

A guide to safe doggy road trips


One of the best things about having dogs in your life is that you get to take them with you on adventures. Whether you’re off to your favourite hiking trail or a family stroll on the promenade – everything is more fun when the dogs come along for the ride.

Travelling with dogs can be…

Home Defence for Dogs

Who's protecting who?


I know we promised you another article on puppy raising this week. Instead I’d like to take an opportunity to discuss something that’s very topical for me, which is how people perceive the role of dogs in protecting the home and how we should be keeping our dogs safe from harm in these difficult times…