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It’s all about resources

Understanding what resources and guarding behaviour mean to your pup and how to handle it the right way!


So it’s Saturday morning, my absolute favourite day of the week, the weather is ‘springish’ and I’m busy teaching my favourite class as well which is our puppy group for ages 4-6 months.

I love working with this age group because the pups are absolute sponges and also because it’s an amazing privilege to be…

Choosing A School for your new Puppy

Your puppy's first weeks wth you are the most important stage of their development - don't compromise on the quality of training


Spring is the air and before you can say Jack Russel we’ll be rushing headlong towards the end of 2017 and summer fun.

This is the time of year many families choose to bring a new puppy into their lives and a new puppy means it’s time to head off to puppy school.

With that…

How to overcome the five most common puppy raising challenges

A guide to raising your puppy using positive, rewards-based training techniques


Dogz at Home Training Centre is dedicated to teaching and promoting positive, reward-based training methods and in today’s article on puppy raising we’re giving you our top 5 challenges faced during puppy raising and how to resolve them using a rewards-based approach.

What do we mean by a rewards-based approach?

It means that we strongly…