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Protecting your dog from tick bite fever

Everything you need to know about ticks and tick borne diseases


Ticks and fleas thrive in warmer weather so this is always the time of year that the question comes up of how to deal with them.

There’s a lot more to this topic than you might think so we’ll break it down into a series of articles focusing on different areas, with this first one…

Top 5 tips for Healthy Dogs

Keep your dog healthy and in great shape by following these guidelines


We recently wrote about the importance of medical insurance for your dogs.

Prevention, as they say, is way better than cure, so this time out we’ll be sharing our thoughts on how to keep your dog healthy and in great shape.

1. Watch their Weight

Speaking of shapes, what shape is…

The importance of Pet Medical Insurance

When their health is at stake, make sure you've planned for the bill


A visit to the vet these days is certainly a very different experience to what it was when I was growing up.

Besides the routine sterilization or vaccination, poor old Spot, or the beloved family tabby generally only got bundled into the car if they were in pretty bad shape and I remember more than one…