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The importance of Pet Medical Insurance

When their health is at stake, make sure you've planned for the bill


A visit to the vet these days is certainly a very different experience to what it was when I was growing up.

Besides the routine sterilization or vaccination, poor old Spot, or the beloved family tabby generally only got bundled into the car if they were in pretty bad shape and I remember more than one…

Car Safety for Dogs

A guide to safe doggy road trips


One of the best things about having dogs in your life is that you get to take them with you on adventures. Whether you’re off to your favourite hiking trail or a family stroll on the promenade – everything is more fun when the dogs come along for the ride.

Travelling with dogs can be…

How to overcome the five most common puppy raising challenges

A guide to raising your puppy using positive, rewards-based training techniques


Dogz at Home Training Centre is dedicated to teaching and promoting positive, reward-based training methods and in today’s article on puppy raising we’re giving you our top 5 challenges faced during puppy raising and how to resolve them using a rewards-based approach.

What do we mean by a rewards-based approach?

It means that we strongly…