We stock a wide variety of whole meat items and prepacked meals to cover all of your raw feeding requirements.

Prepacked meals are minced and come in flat packs, or sausage tubes for convenient storage and feeding.  These meals are made with the highest quality ingredients and carefully formulated to provide a balanced diet as-is.  Our suppliers Include Doggobone, Raw Love and Raw Necessities.

Whole Meat Items

  • Chicken (Carcasses, Necks, Wings, Feet, Mince)
  • Duck (Carcasses, Necks, Wings)
  • Turkey (Wings)
  • Beef (Hearts, Tripe, Mince, Meaty Bones)
  • Pork (Hearts, Meaty Bones)

Prepacked Meals

  • Dog Meals Available  (Chicken, Beef, Duck, Fish, Ostrich, Rabbit, Turkey, Venison)
  • Cat Meals Available (Chicken, Ostrich)

Placing an Order

Raw food items can vary in terms of price and stock availability. Please use the enquiry form to contact us and we’ll get back to you with ordering details and an up-to-date price list.