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Whether you need boredom busting chewy treats, biltong and dried sausage for training, or kong stuffers we’ve got you covered with a wide range of quality, preservative free items to suit every canine palette.

Placing an Order

Please use the enquiry form to contact us and let us know what you’d like to order.  We’ll get back to you with a quote confirming the price and stock availability.

Tornado Sticks
Price R 35
Stuffed Hooves
Price R 45
Pork Neck Bones
Price R 45
Pork Bones Large
Price R 42
Pigs Ears
Price R 25
Pig Tails
Price R 45
Ostrich Kneecaps
Price R 55
Natural Hide Koeksisters
Price R 60
Liver Treats – Bulk Pack (1KG)
Price R 220
Liver Treats
Price R 25
Droe Wors – Bulk Pack (1KG)
Price R 220
Droe Wors
Price R 25
Dried Chicken Feet
Price R 15
Chicken Biltong – 1KG
Price R 270
Chicken Biltong
Price R 30
Bully Sticks
Price R 75
Boredom Busters
Price R 40
Beef Wind Tracheas
Price R 20
Beef Achilles Heel
Price R 15