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Raw Food

We stock a wide variety of raw food to cater for every canine pallet, whether you want the convenience of prepacked meals, or you prefer to make up your own portions we have you covered. With over 20 years of experience feeding and supplying raw meals we can assist you with portion sizes, weight control, or any other questions you may have about keeping your dogs in top condition.

Chews and Treats

Whether you need boredom busting chewy treats, biltong and dried sausage for training, or kong stuffers we’ve got you covered with a wide range of quality, preservative free items to suit every canine palette.

Training Equipment and Essentials

We stock a select range of training equipment and other essentials. These are all great quality products that we have no hesitation in recommending.  Items are available at our shop during training hours on a Saturday, or by request.  Specific sizes of certain items may need to be ordered in advance, please make an enquiry.

Crate Hire

Crate training is a fantastic option to raise a happy well-adjusted puppy and we highly recommend that every dog should have a crate to call their home.  Many of our clients sometimes require a crate for short term use, perhaps with a new dog arriving in the home.  We now offer crate hire in various sizes.