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Did you miss out on the opportunity to attend puppy training classes with your dog,  or perhaps you’ve just brought an older rescue dog into your life?  Whatever your situation, if you have a dog older than six months of age with no prior formal training our Life Skills class is the perfect way to get you and your canine buddy onto the right path.

Our Life Skills course uses gentle, positive techniques to teach focus and basic behaviours in a fun, pressure-free setting so that handlers can establish a stronger bond and  a common language with their dogs which sets them up for success, both in the home and all of their future training endeavours.


Course Highlights

  • Learn gentle, rewards-based training techniques
  • Learn all the basic behaviours, walking at heel, sits and downs required for day-to-day calm interactions with your dog
  • Strengthen your bond and understanding with your dog, by learning focus techniques and fun tricks
  • Receive guidance from our experienced trainers on all aspects of living with a canine companion
  • Learn about social interactions and body language cues to keep you and your dog safe in public areas