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Our Dog Manners courses are structured to provide on-going advancement in all aspects of your canine partnership.

Building on the Basic skills and techniques you’ve mastered  in Puppy Classes,  or Life Skills, Dog Manners courses are structured to take our handlers through a gradual progression from intermediate level and all the way up to advanced.  Over the length of the three Dog Manners modules you will learn advanced heel-work skills, extended stays, more practical life skills like sending to bed and food refusal, improve confidence and social skills with group exercises and road work and of course a variety of impressive tricks you can show off to your friends and family!


Course Highlights

  • Build on your knowledge of positive, training techniques
  • Learn advanced behaviours and tricks
  • Improve your dog’s self control and confidence in social situations
  • Provide ongoing mental stimulation vital to your dog’s overall happiness
  • Continue to receive guidance and advice from our experienced team on all aspects of your dog’s well-being
  • Continue training right through to advanced in this 3 module program