Do I need a Behaviourist

Research has proven that dogs have a range of emotional responses, similar to our own in many ways.

This means that stress, fear, frustration and anger can lead your dog to exhibit a variety of problematic behaviours which are often misunderstood, because they have no way of explaining it to us.

“I barked and scratched the door because being alone all day makes me anxious.”

This is where a qualified canine behaviourist will be able assist you in gaining understanding of your dog’s behaviour and to formulate a strategy to give your dog the help it needs to overcome these difficulties.

How Does it Work

Consultations take place in your home so that I can observe your dog in its usual environment and chat to as many family members as possible.

During this time I take a full history of the problem behaviour and acquire as much knowledge as possible about the dog’s daily routines.

I will then briefly discuss my observations and advice with you.

I try to work with the family to find the best possible solution that will work for them. After the consultation I will send you a detailed report which explains clearly how to go about resolving the problem in a step by step manner. (Behaviour Modification Programme).

What Happens Next

It must be remembered that a consultation is usually just the first step in resolving problem behaviour and that it is up to the clients to follow the advice they receive.

There are no magic solutions!
Behaviour modification can be hard work and requires commitment and patience!

In many cases your dog will benefit hugely, just from committing to a training programme to improve your relationship and enrich their lives.

For those dogs not able to join a group class one-on-one private lessons are also available.

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