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Consultations are for problem behaviours that cannot be dealt with through basic training alone.
Some common problems that require consultations are:

  • Destructive behaviour (chewing & digging)
  • Separation-related distress (howling, barking, destructive behaviour, self-mutilation or house-soiling in the owner’s absence)
  • Dog-dog Aggression
  • Dog-human Aggression
  • Hyperactivity
  • Phobias
  • Compulsive behaviours
  • Generally uncontrollable behaviour
  • House Training Issues

Consultations may also be helpful in preventing problems from arising in the first place and so can be arranged for the following:

  • General advice on raising a puppy
  • Choosing a new dog
  • Helping a rescued dog to settle in

Consultations take place in your home so that I can observe your dog in its usual environment and chat to as many family members as possible. During this time I take a full history of the problem behaviour and acquire as much knowledge as possible about the dog’s daily routines. I will then briefly discuss my observations and advice with you. I try to work with the family to find the best possible solution that will work for them. After the consultation I will send you a detailed report which explains clearly how to go about resolving the problem in a step by step manner. (Behaviour Modification Programme).


It must be remembered that a consultation is usually just the first step in resolving problem behaviour and that it is up to the clients to follow the advice they receive.

There are no magic solutions!
Behaviour modification can be hard work and requires commitment and patience!

The fee for a consultation covers not only the time spent with you in your home, but also travel time and the hours spent writing the report – while I may only be with you for 2 hours, at least 6-8 hours of work goes into a consultation!

Private Lessons

I offer private lessons to people who are unable to attend any of my classes for various reasons. These classes are intended to offer basic obedience skills and not behavioural issues (these need to be dealt with via a consultation, see above.) These lessons are solely concentrating on what the owner is having problems with in terms of basic training. Contact me for the costs.