Join force-free, rewards-based training classes for puppies and adult dogs
In-home professional consultations for dogs with behavioural challenges
Shop for raw food, treats and other essential doggy supplies
Discover a wealth of canine care and training tips from our experienced team
Who Are We

Dogz at Home is a force-free, rewards-driven training centre based in Pinelands, Cape Town

The centre is run by  Lynda Montignies, a certified canine behaviourist with over 20 years of training experience

What Do We Offer
  • Training Classes for puppies and adult dogs
  • Professional Behaviourist consultations and individualised training
  • Top quality raw food and treats to keep your dog happy and in great shape
What Makes Us Different

We are committed to scientifically proven training methods based on positive reinforcement

Our classes are fun and progressive, with increasing challenges for you and your dog as you advance

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